Barley Fields

Harvest 2020


We are so appreciative of your support, and if you can help this year it will make
a massive difference to those the Lord has entrusted to our care.

2. Supermarket delivery

Group together and organise a supermarket delivery

Sadly, we cannot invite churches or individuals to bring harvest donations to Crag House Farm this year. It’s going to be very strange and we will miss you. If you can help by placing a supermarket delivery it would be extremely helpful if you could please follow the instructions below.

Delivery Information

Please arrange delivery for Mon-Fri, 9am - 4.30pm 

(not weekends or evenings). 

Then if you could email or phone to let us know
the delivery details and WHO has donated it. 
(this is especially important if it’s from a CHURCH,
as the delivery note will just have the customer name)

Thank You

Items needed are non perishable Foods only
and in particular we would like: 

Tinned spaghetti/ravioli. 

Tinned meat - corned beef, ham etc.

Tinned tuna.

Tinned custard.

Tinned potatoes.

Pasta sauce in jars.



Ready meals in packets/tins.



Chocolates & treats
for Christmas hampers.


(We already have a good supply of baked beans,
tinned soup and tinned fruit.)

1. Donations

Make a donation for harvest provision

We still require the crucial harvest support to continue our food hampers and meals that we provide to those in our care.  We are therefore suggesting two different ways this year of helping us build up our food stores again. Firstly you can make a donation here on our website.