Housed in the large workshop at Crag House Farm, the Mechanics project enables people to learn skills in basic vehicle mechanics and care of machinery, from cars to tractors and other farming equipment. These are valuable, supportive tasks for the charity, but the building up of friendships and opportunities for one-to-one conversations are essential.


Those on the project may sigh when a hay-baler is brought in, needing a speedy repair, or when the cars need more cleaning down in muddy winter weather; but feeling needed and busy is all part of the dignity of meaningful activity. Always something to chat about over coffee as well!


Throughout the year, there are tasks and projects for the Mechanics Workshop to undertake. During the winter, all vehicles are checked for roadworthiness. In spring, the farm’s hay cutting and baling equipment is serviced, ready for the summer season. The summer can be an opportunity for special projects, such as renovating an old piece of equipment, more for fun. Then autumn requires all winter farm equipment to be serviced, ready for the weather ahead.


Unless a noisy piece of work is being undertaken in the Mechanics Workshop, the project provides ample opportunities for people to talk. This can be as valuable as any skills they learn on the project, and feeling that one belongs to the wider Caring For Life “family”, chatting over lunch or a coffee, is more important than anything else.