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A Platinum Afternoon Tea!

The Platinum Jubilee weekend seems to have been a great success across the country as so many enjoyed family time, street parties, the Thanksgiving Service, concert and pageant, and of course Paddington Bear!

Here at Caring For Life, we are very aware that many of those we care for might not have been able to enjoy and celebrate occasions like this in the same way. Many of those we look after don’t have friends or family to celebrate with. And some don’t live in safe areas where they could feel relaxed about getting together with their neighbours. In addition, many are struggling with the increased costs of living and might not be able to splash out on treats and celebrations.

We were delighted then to be able to host a lovely Jubilee afternoon tea party at the farm this week. We had lots of noise, fun, laughter, party games and wonderful party food prepared by our Catering Academy. The Art Project team provided the amazing decorations and our refectory looked wonderful – fit for a queen!

The highlight of the event was the arrival of our special guests Judith & Esther (both of whom are Caring For Life royalty!) who were surprised to be greeted by a flag-waving guard of honour, cheering and red, white and blue confetti.

What a joy it was to have simple, silly fun together with our beneficiaries in a safe and happy environment and to be able to ensure that they too had happy memories of a special time in the life of our country.

Please continue to pray for those we support, that we would be able to help them in their difficult life circumstances but, more importantly, that we can share Jesus’ love with them in all that we do.

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