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A Stable New Home!

The Equestrian project has been far quieter than usual over the last 10 months since projects closed, and we are really missing working with our wonderful project attendees!

The quiet however was postponed for a couple of months, whilst we had our new stables built and began the big task of moving everything in - including 9 horses!

The construction began in September and we moved in at the start of December, the horses settled in really well and we are already experiencing the huge benefits of being able to work undercover, as the weather has been very snowy and cold recently.

Having the yard and stables undercover has meant we haven’t had to sweep endless pools of rain, or mounds of snow away, all day every day, just to complete simple daily tasks such as mucking out the stables or leading horses outside. It has enabled us to be able to spend more time exercising the horses as well, with its convenient location now right next to our riding arena.

We are so grateful for the provision of the stables and thank the Lord for the generous donations that have made it possible!

We filmed the process of building the stables and created a movie which we shared with our beneficiaries, and a few of them were able to come and see the stables in person, when we were able to facilitate walks at the farm. However every time we get to show someone our new facilities, it makes us even more excited to get people back on the projects and be able to enjoy the new stables for themselves.

We pray that this won’t be too far into the future, but whilst we wait, we are trying to find new remote ways to share these new stables and our lovely horses, with the precious people we support.


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