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Come and join the celebration…

With less than a week to go until Christmas, the Christmas parties and celebrations are in full swing here at Caring For Life.

For many of our folk, Christmas often stirs up mixed feelings as many have never experienced happy and joyful memories during this season. We pray and hope that through the various events planned over the next few weeks that many happy memories would be made.

The Annual Christmas Sketch party is definitely a firm favourite here at Caring For Life. For the last month around here, there have been whispers as the many project areas and staff have started to prepare Christmas Sketches. To the extent that often walking into a room is a dangerous thing… realising too late that rehearsals were in progress!

Each project area tries to ensure that everyone who wants to be involved has the opportunity to do so. Everyone takes great pride in being part of something with “their team” and folk enjoy coming up with ideas to ensure that everyone laughs. It is hard to fully describe what the sketch party entails but it is safe to say that it is full of absolute nonsense with laughter radiating around the room which is like nothing else.

This year was no different, over 17 acts performed during the Sketch party with many naming this party “the best yet!”. Whilst watching the performances it was clear to see how comfortable and safe folks feel here. Individuals who we would never expect got up to do their sketch with no concerns about what people would think since they know they are loved and accepted here. Sketches included songs rewritten, Irish jigs and bad accents!

Whilst all of this may seem completely random, it cannot be underestimated how precious this time is. Many refer to the Christmas Sketch Party as the highlight of their year. We can guarantee that the sketches will be talked about for weeks, months and even years to come. It is a real joy to be able to have simple, silly fun together with our precious beneficiaries in a safe and happy environment. One of the ladies who attended commented how this was the first time that she had properly laughed in ages, so much that she was crying with laughter. She talked about how even after the event she had found herself laughing to herself about what had happened.

We hope that folks can see beyond the fun and silliness to the reason why we do everything we do here at Caring For Life, our Saviour! Please do be praying that eyes would turn to Him this Christmas Time!



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