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Exploring the Valley

There can sometimes be really beautiful things right under our noses, but we don’t notice them! Or wonderful sounds all around us, but we fail to listen out for them

This week, the “summer special” activity on offer for people coming along to therapeutic activity projects here at Caring For Life on Thursdays, was an opportunity to explore the Farm in a little more detail, getting to know what is actually there!

The day included walking right along the valley, past the ponds, looking out for moorhen chicks, along by the beck, looking out for the dipper, and spotting bees, butterflies and dragonflies, using special binoculars purchased through a kind grant.

Everyone had the chance to spot different flowers and birds, and to learn to listen for specific bird songs.

Lunch was enjoyed outside and was a little “on the wild side”, with a salad containing herbs and flowers, to accompany hot dogs, cooked on a BBQ. Flower-themed cakes and biscuits went down well, with the chance for people to also try fresh mint or lemon balm tea. It was a bit of a taste test for folks who were not perhaps used to trying something different!

A "walk and talk" in the sensory garden area followed, along with pond dipping, in order to look at some of the tiniest creatures on the Farm. 

It was certainly an eye opener for everyone, a feast for all the senses, a chance to have a lot of fun and also to explore the incredible beauty of God’s creation.



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