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His Story

Tuesday was a very unusual day at Caring For Life. 

None of our businesses were open. We had no beneficiaries on site. We didn’t do any home visits. 

Instead we had all staff together for a great big team day. This is a rare and highly prized opportunity to spend time with our colleagues to focus on the amazing opportunity that God has called us all to in this place. 

A group of staff in one of the training seminars.

The day started with a wonderful presentation from Esther one of the founders of Caring For Life who gave us a breath-taking insight into the history of the charity over the last 32 1/2 years and indeed what God has been doing through his people on the site of the charity’s headquarters, Crag House Farm, over many centuries. 

The presentation took place in our beautiful 17th century barn which is now home to The Granary Restaurant and we had a few laughs as we were reminded what it used to look like and the very many purposes it had in the past. 

However, although the change and progress that could be seen in the farm and its buildings was impressive, the changes seen in so many precious lives over these years is far more important. 

We’ve seen thousands reached, helped, loved, rehoused and many many souls won for the Saviour. 

And as it says above the entrance to the Granary: Non nobis  Domine Non Nobis Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam (Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory.) - Psalm 115:1


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