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Housing Support Crisis

The Being There Housing Support team at Caring For Life are busy going out and visiting vulnerable folk in their own homes. Recently, they have been coming across the recurring theme of financial hardship. Many of those in our care are spending days without any money at all awaiting their next benefit payment or meagre wage. With all the rising costs we are giving a lot more budgeting advice to those we support. This might be sitting with a form and working out where money goes and how to reduce outgoings or it might be to support reducing a payment plan to make things more manageable or maximising benefits where someone is not claiming what they are entitled to.

After support, where things continue to be really tight with money we can help out with food parcels or a bus ticket to get to an appointment or the farm project. Also, with money given by supporters at Christmas for alternative gifts, we have been able to buy a warm coat where necessary or a kettle to ensure hot drinks are available even when heating has been turned down.

Many of the people we support have poor health and spend more time at home than the average person, this means heating bills could potentially be higher. We have folk who really do choose not to heat their home. Some won’t use central heating and choose instead to use a single fire so as not to heat more than one small area. Others don’t put their hot water on unless essential as they see their smart meter shoot up when this is on.

We have recently been given a donation to help those worst off financially due to fuel poverty and it’s been a privilege to be on the front line and to top up someone’s account. It’s been such a blessing to those we’ve been able to help and although it’s a drop in the ocean with all the price rises it’s a way of showing that we really care and they are not alone in the struggle.

Please pray with us for these precious individuals who are so vulnerable to the current stresses in society. Pray that we may have great wisdom about how best to help them and that we can share Jesus’ love with them too.


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