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Laying Foundations

It is extremely exciting to see the beginnings of our new Equestrian Project area taking shape. Thanks to generous Trust grants, we have been able to see foundations laid for a new stable block, with all the facilities needed for project beneficiaries, all in one area.

For some years, the project work has been split into different sites, and we have been keen to reduce risks when moving horses and ponies around busy yard areas, especially in the winter months. We were also keen to ensure accessibility for all and to do all we could to make project activities even more safe.

The new stables will be right alongside our exercise arena, with everything safely to hand. This really will transform the work of the Equestrian Project, which is one of our most popular therapeutic activities.

Prior to local restrictions, when a few of those we support were able to undertake visits to the Farm, they were really excited to see what was happening! The staff recently sent some footage of the stables going up to beneficiaries on the Equestrian Project and got some enthusiastic reactions, one of our ladies on the project saying that she was excited and she can’t wait for us to be in there!


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