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All aboard the 'Mystery Trip'

This week we hear about the pure joy experienced on one of the summer fun days:

During the summer months, we organised a trip or activity most weeks for our beneficiaries to enjoy and get involved in. For many of the people we support, fun and enjoyment are not something that features as part of their lives, so it is a real pleasure to organise things like this for them.

The last of the summer trips this year was a ‘mystery trip’ which was a whistlestop tour of several different locations in Yorkshire. The day after the trip Lynn, one of our Being There staff was booked in to visit one of the ladies, supported by the team, and who had been on the trip the previous day. When Lynn arrived the lady was so excited, she couldn’t wait to tell Lynn all about the trip.

This precious lady was overwhelmed with joy and raw emotion as she described the trip in detail from beginning to end. She mainly exclaimed about the journey and beauty of the area we live in and how it's there on our doorstep but we never get the opportunity to experience and enjoy it.

In the past, this lady has loved being outdoors, but after suffering from ill health, she is now using a wheelchair and has had little opportunity to experience the beauty of the areas we take for granted and those she used to enjoy as standard. It was a reminder that these experiences mean such a lot to our folk and are so valuable to their mental health and life experience. She asked expressly that Lynn share her gratitude to those who organised the trip. The trip was perfect for her, as it meant she could drink in the countryside as they travelled around the Dales, with the added bonus that the main stop was a cheese factory!

She will certainly be cherishing the memory of the trip for a long time to come and was so thrilled to have the chance to reminisce with her support worker.

Please pray for our beneficiaries. Praise God that we are able to organise simple things for them to enjoy which means so much.


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