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New building making new memories

Here at CFL we currently have a massive building project underway. A replacement for the old refectory. The refectory is the social hub of the farm where beneficiaries, staff and volunteers eat lunch together every day.

A mixture of emotions was felt as we saw the demolition crew take the old refectory down a couple of months ago. Fond memories were shared as we reminisced through all the times we have shared here together, including celebrations, sad times and many other precious moments. Along with these memories of the old building we realised that as each new brick is laid it is already providing us with new memories as we watch it grow with new developments seen each day.

This past week the steel structure has started to go up. A huge crane has been on site lifting these heavy beams into place, providing us with some gripping lunchtime entertainment!

The catering team are doing a great job in their temporary accommodation next to the building site. They are managing to provide tasty hot food for all of our beneficiaries each day from their small food van. Chocolate brownies have also made a fairly regular appearance much to the delight of everyone!

Please pray with us for all the workmen on site, that they will see this place is special, different from other places they’ve worked, because of Jesus. Pray that we will have opportunities to speak to them about Jesus and be a good witness to them throughout their time here.

Please do get in touch if you would like to make a contribution towards this project. Although we have budgeted enough for the cost of the work, unexpected costs have already arisen and we are still seeking some Trust funding to ensure that we have enough to get the final fixtures and fittings sorted and ready for when we are due to reopen. We are hugely thankful to everyone who has given to us so far which has enabled us to get the project underway.

Do follow us on twitter and facebook to keep up-to-date with the developments!


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