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Nothing’s Changed … But Everything Has

Here at Crag House Farm, the home of Caring For Life, so much has changed, just as it has across the UK, and the world, due to the pandemic. But in a way, nothing has changed, because Spring has arrived, lots of wild and garden flowers are coming into bloom and there are lambs in the fields. 

The horses and ponies are still being cared for and exercised, the hens are laying and eggs are being graded.  The Farm Shop is open and busy with customers calling to collect food. The phones are ringing and some things need to carry on “as normal”. 

But everything has changed, because the Farm is such a quiet place without all the many ladies and gentlemen who would normally attend therapeutic projects here, right through each weekday.

There is no noisy chatter, or sudden outburst of laughter and there are very few cars around. The other social enterprises are closed and there is hardly any aircraft noise either. So the sounds of Spring can be very clearly heard, as skylarks sing over the farm and curlews call. We would far rather have a noisy farm, and we very much look forward to the day when people will be able to return to their activity projects. In the meantime, a small team continue to care for the livestock and the farm, and key workers are kept extremely busy ringing each person, staying in touch, dealing with issues and sorting the delivery of essential food, medication and so forth for those who cannot leave home at all and have no other help in place.

We pray for each of those supported by Caring For Life, that they will be assured we are still here for them, but that they will put their faith in God and His unchanging love.



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