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Photo Challenge

Here in the Design and Media office, we are really missing our beneficiaries. One of our favourite activities to do with our beneficiaries in pre-Covid times was to go for a walk around the sensory gardens and valley, with our cameras and photograph the beauty of God’s creation.

The idea for a photo challenge was inspired by a gentleman who attends the Design and Media project and is a keen photographer, he regularly emails us photographs of the activities that he has been taking part in over lockdown, and expressed an interest in entering a photography competition. I looked online for a competition that he may be able to enter, but unfortunately there wasn’t anything suitable, so the idea of the Design and Media photography challenge was born.

It was named a challenge rather than a competition because we wanted it to be accessible to everyone. Most of our beneficiaries have access to some sort of basic camera, smart phone or tablet, and you are able to take some wonderful photos using these. In this challenge there are no good or bad photos, no right or wrong, it is all about having fun. It’s most definitely the taking part that counts, and everyone who has entered will be getting a certificate for their work.

The challenges included ‘my favourite thing’, ‘shadow selfies’ and ‘100 steps’- where the beneficiaries walk 100 steps from their front door and photograph what they see. A great way to have fun and combine daily exercise! Animals were a very popular subject, with many beneficiaries sending in lovely photos of their pets, stuffed animals, and even a fantastic action shot of a squirrel! One gentleman had us all feeling hungry when he shared a delicious looking photo of last night’s tea!

It is wonderful how photography allows us to share a captured moments with each other, and it is so important for our precious beneficiaries to be able to do that in such isolating times. Have a look below at our talented beneficiaries’ photos.



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