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Team Work!

Recently we have been very busy on the poultry project. The usual daily tasks such as collecting the eggs, feeding the hens, dusting and grading the eggs, have all needed to be completed.

This keeps us very busy day to day, but we have also had some other exciting things going on! The chickens have a lovely big field, with many apple trees for them to climb and play in and also a hedgerow around the field, to provide shelter and protection for the chickens.

However this bush was getting very bushy! It had grown so big, that it was touching the electric fence around the field, causing it to lose power.

We spent a few days using a huge host of tools and machines to trim back the bush, and create a neat and practical protective barrier for the hens. The guys had lots of fun helping with this, and it provided some variety from the daily tasks and also allowed for new skills to be learnt in handling different tools and attempting a new job.

We’re now getting ready for winter to arrive at the farm, everyone is digging their winter coats and woolly hats out and bracing for the cold. We have a lot of work ahead of us as we look after the chickens through winter, but hopefully we will still be able to have fun and make the most of the beautiful winter landscapes on the farm!

Please pray for us as we work this winter and that the folk who attend the project will be encouraged, knowing their hard work keeps hundreds of chickens very happy!




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