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The Growers' Garden

Back in Autumn 2021, we decided it would be really nice to make a garden in our area to grow and enjoy different vegetables and flowers. We spent last Autumn digging and clearing some land for a Hornbeam hedge to be planted, which would provide an enclosed, comfortable space for the plants and people.

This summer we have enjoyed the fruits of our labour for the first time and all the plans and hard work have really paid off. We have named this new space ‘the Growers’ Garden’, named by the beneficiaries on the horticulture project, providing a special, secluded, safe place where the beneficiaries can grow and take home the produce they’ve looked after.

In between our other jobs of helping with the necessary jobs in the garden nurseries, we have planted lots of seeds including sunflowers, wildflowers, peppers, sweetcorn and butternut squash.

One of our beneficiaries recently said ‘It is so satisfying growing everything from seed and seeing it thrive and grow. I’m really proud when I walk out into the Growers’ Garden’.

The Growers' Garden so far has provided so much anticipation, joy and pleasure. Each week there is produce for the beneficiaries to pick, from sunflowers to basil. One of our ladies said ‘I grew basil and cucumbers from seed, and it has been a great privilege to be able to grow those things with my own hands and then eat them myself or give them to the guinea pig.’

This place has provided a restful and safe haven unlike anywhere the beneficiaries have been able to go to before. These past few months have shown me just how important it is to make connections with those in our care and the nature that we are so blessed to be surrounded by here at the farm.

It’s been wonderful to see how the beneficiaries have taken ownership of this little garden and got so excited watching the things they’ve sown come to life. Please pray that through the wonder of watching a seed turn into a plant, or just quietly sitting watching the birds and butterflies playing, that our beneficiaries will see the wonders of our creator God. Ultimately we pray that one day they might come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Cat Washburn


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