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"Tuning in"

Many of us are noticing bird song at this time when there is so little air traffic. We have some enthusiastic bird watchers and bird listeners amongst the folks supported by Caring For Life. But for some, learning to “tune in” to birdsong is a whole new experience.

One of our key workers initiated a bird spotting venture with those she was supporting. As people are enjoying it so much, she has just continued it, rather than making it a competition which then stops. Some folk are spending a few hours each day just looking outside at nature. One person mentioned how nice it is to have a cup of Yorkshire Tea while watching the birds.  There is definitely some competition going on though, as people note that they are doing better at finding species than their key worker! A number of people who have never watched birds before are saying how they are fascinated by them at the moment. Someone who is a keen bird listener has also shared the excitement of noticing birds nesting at the bottom of the garden. It’s keeping the key worker on her toes.. during regular conversations she gets asked what a particular bird is, with a description of what it looks like. Google can be a help in these situations! Another person repeated the sound a particular bird makes in the late evenings, reenacting the tweet!! 

It is a privilege to help people who are isolated and alone, away from their friends at Caring For Life and their project activities at Crag House Farm, to nevertheless  enjoy looking at and listening to some of the beauty of creation. Not many have a garden and not all have access to a safe outdoor area, so some are watching birds from their window or balcony, but they are finding a new interest in life during what is a really tough time. 



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