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Turning Up!

When helping people who are experiencing a desperate crisis in their lives, and who may never have known a safe and truly settled lifestyle, we have in the past employed “Turn Up Therapy”, as advocated by Gayle, our Pastoral Director. There may be limits to what practical help one can provide, or a long wait for suitable housing and so forth, but the value of just “turning up” is inestimable!

The pandemic has made turning up that much more complex and there are limits and restrictions on how we can deliver care to all those we are supporting and to new referrals of people needing Caring For Life’s help. So we’ve had to find new ways of “turning up”!

  • We still turn up on the doorstep sometimes, for a distanced chat. Just seeing someone means so much to those who are self-isolating, some already having been isolated for much of their lives.

  • We turn up with a coffee for a distanced walk. Getting outside for a walk and a chat is vital to help people avoid becoming ever more fearful of leaving their home.

  • We turn up on the phone! A regular call, chat and support means a great deal. And three-way phone conversations can enable important calls to be made regarding bills, benefits and more.

  • We turn up with a food parcel if a person has no other means of obtaining their shopping, or they are in serious financial need.

Every person supported by Caring For Life has a member of our Core Team who is their support worker. This provides a crucial safety net, when there is change all around and varying restrictions inevitably impact what kind of help we can provide. But we will continue to “turn up” … and that includes Christmas!


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