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Wendy Margaret Home Holiday!

After 2 years of delays due to Covid, the Wendy Margaret ladies finally got to go on their 2020 holiday to Shropshire! With a huge garden, its own stables and horses, an outdoor seating area and an indoor swimming pool at the back of the garden; it was certainly worth the wait.

The holiday was packed full of day trips out. The ladies visited a farm, a zoo and there were lots of shopping and café trips in between! Any spare time that was had you could find most of the ladies in the swimming pool!

We knew to expect great things from the holiday, when on the first Saturday evening we settled down to watch the Eurovision Contest and to everyone’s delight (and amazement!!) the UK came in second place!

On one of the days, we visited Rays Farm. Amazingly, no one else was around so the ladies got to enjoy the farm all to themselves. The farmer was keen to show them round and introduce them to the animals. The ladies especially loved spending some time with some very tame and mischievous goats!

Another highlight was getting to meet a famous owl!! The ladies visited Hoo Farm which is home to one of the owls who appeared in a Harry Potter film. They got to stroke him and take lots of photos with him! They also got to meet a Wolf, a White Fox, and some more goats!

Overall, it was a lovely holiday consisting of lots of fun and some great weather. When asked, the ladies either scored the holiday 9/10 or 10/10. The lost point was due to the dishwasher breaking – so all in all the holiday was a huge success! They are all in agreement it was “the best holiday yet”! We are already looking forward to the 2023 Wendy Margaret Holiday!


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