Supported Living Homes


Caring For Life has been running supported living homes since 1987. One gentleman described his home, Tindall House, as “A safe place to be.”

Supported Living


Tindall House for eight gentlemen and Wendy Margaret Home for eight ladies, are genuine homes, not hostels. Providing for people who would currently struggle to live alone, our homes seek to enable people to live as independently as possible, but with support always available, according to individual needs. Providing privacy, but also company, people can cook their own food or enjoy the occasional shared meal, go out and about alone, or enjoy accompanied trips around the local community.


Those living in Caring For Life’s supported living homes are encouraged to undertake some sort of constructive daytime activity. Over the years, twinning a safe, supported home with therapeutic activities has proven an extraordinarily successful model of care.  Residents each have their own chosen programme and range of activities.

Supported In Life


Caring For Life always aims to provide care … for life, and our supported living homes may well be a life-long home for some. We may occasionally be unable to meet a person’s changing needs within that home, but Caring For Life always seeks to stay in touch with the person if they wish.

Over the years, many ladies and gentlemen have moved on from our supported living homes to live independently within the community. They have however remained very much a part of the Caring For Life “family”, often supported by our Being There team, or continuing to access therapeutic activities at Crag House Farm, meeting up with friends there.

Like A Family