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Alternative Gifts

Buy them for your family and friends and help change lives!​​

Alternative gifts are available to order by telephone only, To order yours please call us on 0113 230 3600

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For Any Occasion



When you order an Alternative Gift, we will send a quality A6 size postcard to you featuring the gift you have chosen. Any of our Alternative Gifts can be purchased for a minimum of £10 per card and there is no limit on the maximum value... so give to your heart's content!

Choose from...

At Gift Time for Fun.png

Everyone needs time for fun and laughter whether a trip to the movies or a day trip to a theme park with friends, and that’s just what this gift provides for those in our care. Fun times and happy memories to ease the strains of daily life.

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Your gift will enable isolated individuals to be part of a team; to learn how to grow plants from seed; to have the joy of planting them out around the charity’s farm gardens and seeing them bloom; or the satisfaction of selling them as good quality plants to customers.

Alt Gift Home.png

This gift will help us to buy new household items like toasters, kettles or curtains for at risk individuals or families who have been rehoused to help them feel safe and settled in their new home.

Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 08.20.24.png

Your gift will enable us to supply smart and professional clothing & equipment to beneficiaries on various projects around the farm, giving a sense of dignity, purpose and belonging as well as keeping each individual warm and safe.  

Alt Gift Time Away.png

This gift will enable a vulnerable adult to get away for what may be their first holiday, or first trip to the seaside. With time to recharge, there’s also chance for spiritual renewal, and reflecting on the good news of the gospel.

Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 09.42.10.png

Animals are amazing therapists and at Caring For Life’s farm, caring for the sheep, cows and horses has helped to change many lives for the better. The farming and equestrian projects give people opportunities to develop a safe connection with creatures who will never betray them.

Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 09.41.54.png

Your gift will enable our support workers to visit the “at risk” people we house and care for…to spend time with them and chat over a coffee, helping them with practical needs and above all, providing a listening ear.

Food & Fuel.jpg

Your gift will enable us to provide a vital extra level of help to the "at risk" people we house and support...
To provide them with food and help to top up their electric & gas meters if they run short in the winter months.

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