Social Enterprises


Our social enterprises were established to generate much-needed income for the charity, to support our ministry. They also enable us to offer some of the people we support a taste of work experience, but in a safe and caring environment.

Granary Restaurant


The original Granary Café was opened in 2008, within an 18th Century barn, with capacity for just 30 customers. Building on the success of this fledgling enterprise, and seeing the crucial importance of building up self-generated income for the charity, kind benefactors enabled the creation of the Granary Restaurant.

Housed in an adjacent award-winning beautifully restored 17th Century barn, the Restaurant opened in October 2012. It has become a great destination for the local community, as well as far-flung supporters, who go out of their way to call in when they are in the area.

Every meal purchased helps to support the work of Caring For Life. That’s the story beyond the plate!


Garden Nursery


The Garden Nursery is the most recent addition to the social enterprises at Caring For Life. Generously funded by a Christian company, which also provides ongoing advice, the state-of-the-art glasshouse and adjacent polytunnels enable the production of bedding plants, house plants, shrubs and herbs for sale, as well as salad crops plus some fruit and vegetables for the Granary Restaurant.

This is a marvellous facility for beneficiaries to become involved in the production side of horticulture, and for some to gain experience helping in the retail area.


Farm Shop


The original small Farm Shop was relocated to the new Granary and now boasts a feature deli counter, as well as a wide range of food products and giftware. Through the agriculture project and our own butchery on site, the shop is kept supplied with free range eggs, beef and lamb, as well as our own range of sausages.

Cakes, preserves and sweet vinegars are produced on site in the bakery which can be viewed by the customers in the Restaurant, and salads and some other crops are grown on the Farm. We are therefore proud to sell many products which are zero food miles, and we also focus on championing small suppliers, many of which are local.

Coffee Shop


The previous Granary Café has been beautifully refurbished, thanks to kind corporate funding, and reopened as the Coffee Shop. It is the perfect place to meet up with friends for a coffee, or a pleasant, relaxing light lunch. The friendly atmosphere also attracts folks wanting to enjoy a coffee or lunch on their own, enjoying a bit of peace! The Coffee Shop can host a small event for up to 40 people during the day or occasional evening.


Sensory Gardens, Conservation & Children's Play Area


Our beautiful sensory gardens and conservation area, with paths and ponds, are open to customers of the social enterprizes. Our Care in Creation project was opened in the year 2000 and enables beneficiaries to learn to care for nature and this local stretch of Yorkshire countryside.


A children’s outdoor play area adjoining the gardens is a great place for families to come and enjoy the great outdoors.