Relationship-building may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about an equestrian project. It’s not so much building relationships with people; that comes second to relating to the horses. The intuitive nature of these animals to recognise emotions in people, make formal “equine therapy” an increasingly recognised tool.


Here at Caring For Life, learning to care for the “gentle giant” shire horses, the large retired police horses or the smaller ponies all involves learning new skills and important health and safety matters. For some, this may be a return to an activity they tried in childhood and loved. For others, joining the project may fulfill a long-held ambition of being around horses. For all, it provides a massive boost in self-confidence as they learn to care for, ride or drive these beautiful animals.



Caring For Life’s Equestrian Project provides opportunities for everyone to enjoy riding or carriage-driving, utilising specially adapted carriages for wheelchair users.  If someone cannot be involved in mucking out stables, there is no bar to being involved in grooming and spending time with the horses. A beautiful manege enables riding and driving in most weathers.

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