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Praying Hands

Friday 12th July

Please pray that we will have lots of opportunities to show people the love of Jesus this day. Pray that our conversations will point to Him and that hearts will be receptive to hearing God’s word.

Thursday 11th July

Please pray for our two supported living homes. Pray for peace and good relationships between the residents. Pray for each one in their individual struggles, that the Lord will help them through these.

Wednesday 10th July

Praise God for His provision to us each day. Please pray that He will continue to provide for all of our needs, spiritually, physically and financially. Pray that we will bring glory to Him through all these things.

Tuesday 9th July

Please pray for those in our care who are suffering from ill health. Pray for each one in their different circumstances, that they will get the help they need.

Monday 8th July

Please pray for our Design and Media team as they are busy preparing lots of different media to share the work of Caring For Life with our supporters and also with those who don’t yet know us. Pray that their work will be fruitful in sharing the work of Caring For Life.

Sunday 7th July

Please pray that the Lord will bless each one of our beneficiaries, staff, volunteers and supporters. Pray that our church families and fellowship with them will bring encouragement and joy to each person this day.

Saturday 6th July

Give thanks with us for all our supporters. Praise God for them and for the blessing they are to us. Please pray that today each one will be aware of God’s presence with them and that they will have a special day.

Friday 5th July

Praise God that the weather held out just long enough to get our cut of hay in. Praise Him for His goodness to us in so many ways.

To keep up to date and notified with our daily prayer requests, please join us on PrayerMate.

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