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Meeting up with old friends

We are so thankful that technology has enabled us to stay in touch with folk who are currently unable to attend therapeutic activities at Crag House Farm, and who are really missing their time here. In addition to calls and sending out photos, films and so forth, live zooms have been very popular. Much as we know that those on the projects love to see the faces of some of their staff on  a “Farm  Zoom”, we realise it is the livestock who are the stars of the show! It’s the animals that are the real “old friends” that people want to see and get reacquainted with! 

Whilst some people have able to been to visit the farm, zoom visits are a real hit with lots of people! An equestrian zoom went down really well, with the ponies proving they are not camera shy!

Whether it’s meeting old friends or new friends, we are glad that online opportunities can enable all this to happen. 



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