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"A Very Different Open Day!”

Open Day 2020 at Caring For Life will go down in our history as possibly the weirdest one ever. Being unable to open for our supporters and visitors from the local community was really sad, and Crag House Farm felt very strangely quiet! 

But we had still been  busy preparing, in order to enable people to click on our website and enjoy a virtual experience of Open Day. We are so thankful to everyone who “came along” and all those who donated on the day, to help our ”£20k 4 Open Day” appeal. The virtual experience remains on the website and we are so pleased that people are still enjoying it. We also thank everyone who left comments about their visit to Crag House Farm! Some were very clearly missing the “real thing”! 

“One Open Day where the weather made no difference!”            
“Who knew that organising a muck heap could be so fascinating!”                      
“Would have been much nicer to have been with you.”
“Brilliant Open Day but couldn’t smell the burgers!”  


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