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A week of Joy & Sadness

This week at Caring For Life we have been mourning the passing of our dear founder Peter Parkinson and giving thanks to God for his life.

We have also been welcoming our very first beneficiaries back onto outdoor projects since the easing of lockdown. It has been a week of joy and sadness, of laughter and tears.

The strap-line of Caring For Life is sharing the love of Jesus and it has been a great privilege this week to share Jesus’ love with our many precious friends who have been very excited to return to the farm. It has also seemed a very fitting tribute to Peter to enthusiastically forge ahead with the work that he and Esther Smith began over 30 years ago and the work that God continues to call us to in this place.

Peter’s greatest desire was to share the love of Christ, that he had received, with those who were hurting and vulnerable, and to point them to the Saviour who loves them and died for them. This remains our mission here at Caring For Life, and it is the mission that we are keen to fulfil increasingly as we are able to see people face to face and gradually reopen the farm projects.

We anticipate the return of more beneficiaries to indoor projects, God willing, during the month of May and very much look forward to the farm becoming, once again, the noisy, busy, happy, laughter-filled place it once was.


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