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Agriculture Adventures

This week we hear from the agriculture team on how they are doing and the plans/activities taking them through the summer months:

June was a very busy month for the Agri project here at CFL. They made the most of the beautiful sunny weather which gave them the perfect conditions for cutting and baling the grass to make hay and silage. Good weather conditions are crucial for this and so important for us to make the hay and silage in order to prepare the feed for the animals which then takes them through the winter months.

Not only has it been a great time of fellowship and fun with other members of staff helping out in the evenings, but it’s been a special time where everyone has pulled together and really ploughed on with the task ahead.

After having conversations with the folk on the project recently it is really clear how much they love caring for the animals. The project gives folks a really varied range of activities and things to see and learn. From watching and helping at lambing and calving to bringing in the hay and silage, to feeding the animals during the winter months when they are sheltered in the barn.

The team work really well together and it is so precious to see relationships built and the encouragement to folk that they are valued and special.

Please pray for this team, that they will have some more dry weather to enable the rest of the hay to be brought in, and that they will have daily opportunities to point people to Christ through working with the animals and being out in the fields surrounded by God’s creation.


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