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‘Around the world with Wendy Margaret’

This past year really has been one like no other, and for many of us, especially those shielding it has involved staying almost entirely within the shelter of our home and surroundings.

It has now been over a year since the wonderful ladies at Wendy Margaret Home have been able to attend their much loved projects at Caring For Life or do the ‘normal’ activities so many of us are missing- going to a cafe with friends, or looking forward to a holiday away.

They are however able to do a variety of daytime activities ‘in house’ and recently Rach who helps out weekly, had the brilliant idea of ‘travelling’ to a different country each week! Plus cooking a tasty meal inspired by the cuisine of the current destination!

This idea has been so much enjoyed by us all! Each week is now defined to where we ‘went’ or to excited guesses as to where we might be travelling to next, and has also given the ladies a great topic of conversation when calling family - (once it was clearly established that these ‘trips’ didn’t actually involve anyone leaving the country!!)

A ‘Travel Log’ is slowly taking over the walls in the dining room, with words and phrases associated with each country on display, plus photos of what happened there!

Homemade pizzas were enjoyed in Italy, with crepes in France (which was ‘visited’ on pancake day) and the ladies planned and performed their own fashion show for a select audience on Zoom!!

Tartan was designed in Scotland, along with a fun Highland games in the garden, and tiny narcissi planted up in Wales, plus the making of Welsh dragons!

Germany saw some wonderful puppets created, in honour of Rumpelstiltskin, and it was a very fun moment when decorative clogs were tried on in Holland!!

We have also had some special guests feature, as much loved friends from different countries have zoomed in and shared snippets of their culture with us! The amazing food- from schnitzel to ontbijkoek (an amazing Dutch cake full of spices) has been the topic of many excited conversations and much enjoyment!!

As well as fun and diversion, it’s also been great to watch film clips of bustling cities and beautiful scenery from the comfort of our sofas, and learn more about the fascinating planet God created. It really is a lovely way for the ladies to enjoy spending time together, plus create positive memories even in the midst of such an unusual and difficult time.

Next stop...Ireland, here we come!!




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