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Being a Being There Manager

This week we are getting some insight into the role of Cath our Being There manager:

Every day we start with morning prayers, then I meet with our housing team, volunteers and befrienders, after that anything can happen!!

Next, I always aim to check emails and voicemails, making a note of those that need a response urgently. The variety of things that come in each day are huge, from referrals for support to furniture being offered as a donation. I’ll explain a few of the different situations I can find myself helping with each day:

New referrals: these come in either via an agency or self-referral. They can be either asking for support from us in the Being There team for housing support or finding out about a therapeutic place on one of the farm projects.

Phone calls: we get regular phone calls from people across the country asking if there is any similar support to ours around where they live. I then do some research and get back to them with the information I have gathered. It may be that the person knows of a homeless person and wants to know the best way they can help them, or they may need some advice about a current housing issue they are having.

One of my favourite parts of my work is when I get to go out and visit someone new. Our first visit with someone new also involves two of us and we chat, get to know some of the complex needs the individual has and then get a support plan put together so we know what we are all working towards in the coming weeks and months.

Towards the end of the day, I usually make a few more phone calls and catch up with the team about how their day has been.

It’s amazing work and a real privilege working with a great team who love the Lord and offer endless love and support to those entrusted to our care. Sharing the love of Jesus in a very practical way, God then gives us many opportunities to share the gospel.


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