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Benefits Decisions

We are as ever aware that our help comes from the Lord, that He is faithful, and He is able to do more than we can ever begin to ask or imagine. We are thankful that as we seek to support precious individuals at Caring For Life that the Lord is with us and that we can carry every individual and every situation to Him who is able.

This has been so evident as we edge towards some form of normality, as we have seen departments that have been in some sort of frozen state throughout lockdown come alive and as we have seen an increase in benefit reviews particularly. This change has led to an increase in demand for benefits support from our Benefits and Tenancies Team to overturn incorrect decisions or to help complete review and application forms.

It is indescribable the level of distress and anxiety that receiving benefits letters causes folks. We are thankful that in these situations we can help complete applications, listen to concerns and help relieve some of the anxiety. One lady was shocked that we could even make it fun!

We are thankful that in recent weeks, we have seen swift and wonderful decisions to these applications. One gentleman had been placed on incorrect benefits resulting in undue pressure from his job centre staff despite clear medical evidence that seeking work at present would be inappropriate. Added to this, he had been warned that if he did not seek appropriate work quickly, that his benefits would be stopped. We were able to contact the department clearly outlining his situation and explaining why this decision was inappropriate. Within 2 weeks, the decision had been overturned and the gentleman was placed on safe benefits matching his needs.

This gentleman described how he would not have been able to sort this situation without our help and how things could have very easily spiralled out of control with benefits being stopped leading to no income.

We are thankful for the answered prayer in this decision and we pray that as we seek to support many more individuals that decisions would be fair, that assessors and decision makers would be compassionate and understanding and ultimately that through this practical support that folks would come to know our wonderful, faithful Saviour.



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