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Changing Seasons

With Caring For Life being based at Crag House Farm, we are always very aware of the changing seasons, whether we notice it in the altered hours of daylight, the fluctuating temperature, or the beautiful signs of the different seasons all around in the natural world. It is a blessing to be able to point out the beauty of creation to those who attend therapeutic projects here at the farm. Some people may be too lost in their own situations to be able to look up at the changing colours of the trees, or to look down at brightly coloured fungi, or the fascinating shells of nuts that have fallen from trees in our fruit and nut woodland zone. 

But as people begin to relax, to enjoy company on the projects and to feel safe here, their eyes are often opened to the beauty of the changing seasons.

We have to be careful to point out that fungi should be admired but not touched!  With the recent first frost of the season, some of the trees on the Farm are displaying beautiful colours, and this can also be a talking point with people attending projects here. Of course, we can always talk about the weather, especially as things seem to alter so quickly from windy and extremely wet weather, to bright, autumnal sunshine! 

Our Being There team making plans for the upcoming season.

The changing seasons also act as a reminder that Christmas is on the way. This may sound premature, but plans have to be drawn up well in advance of Christmas, in order to ensure that everyone supported by Caring For Life is provided for, at what can be a very isolated time for some. Plans are well underway for Christmas celebrations, making up special food hampers, ensuring there is a gift for everyone, and a host of detailed practical arrangements. Our Being There, housing support, team are kept busy with planning, and we are always deeply grateful for gifts and practical help from prayer supporters, our Caring For Life support groups and corporate volunteers. 

Although the seasons change, we are above all truly thankful to God for His unfailing, unchanging faithfulness.


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