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Christmas Preparations

Becci, the newly appointed Residential Supervisor at Wendy Margaret Home gives us a little insight into the build-up to Christmas with the ladies.

The lead up to Christmas has been a very busy and a very lovely time to join the Wendy Margaret Team! There has been lots of excitement; lots of Christmas baking and decorating of gingerbread men, the ladies have been doing their Christmas shopping for each other and their families, there's been lots of wrapping of presents and decorating the house (we currently have 3 Christmas trees and fairy lights everywhere!), and there have been many Christmas films- I am not ashamed to say we watched our first Christmas film together in November!

Some of the ladies will be visiting family which is a very exciting but this can also be an anxious time, especially having to travel, and with the uncertainty of the pandemic it can be unsettling for all of us, but especially our beneficiaries.

However, the atmosphere at Wendy Margaret is mainly one of excitement. From a staff point of view, we get the fun job of organising Christmas, so we have been busy buying and wrapping gifts for each of the ladies and planning and shopping for the many Christmas buffets we will be having over the week of Christmas, not to mention Christmas dinner itself! As the newest member of the Wendy Margaret team I have been blown away by how welcoming and loving the ladies and staff at WM are, and I'm very much looking forward to bringing in the New Year and seeing what God has in store for 2022.



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