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“Everything’s different, except the need”

At this time of the year, Crag House Farm, the home of Caring For Life, usually welcomes a stream of supporters arriving from all around the locality, and some much further afield. Their car boots and car seats would be absolutely bulging with carrier bags full of food donated by their churches or Caring For Life support groups. At times, there would be a queue of vehicles waiting to unload their generous harvest donations.

Everything’s different this year.. for all of us! That includes harvest, as many churches are as yet unable to meet, and collecting food is not a safe option.

Yet the need is the same. At Caring For Life we give out food parcels to individuals and families who are in real need of food, due to various circumstances. We are looking ahead to Christmas, when we hope to ensure that each person has the food they need and some treats. Then, as therapeutic activity projects gradually reopen at Crag House Farm, down the line we hope to be able to offer meals again.

So we are very thrilled to be welcoming deliveries from supermarkets, as supporters and supporting churches send harvest via online ordering. Food is quarantined prior to sorting and we are so thankful for this supply. We are also deeply grateful to those who are looking to send a financial donation in lieu of a physical harvest.

The food stores were low,  the normal “harvest” was impossible, and the need was the same. But we thank God for the harvest which is beginning to come in at this time. It may be a queue of delivery vans, rather than a queue of supporters in cars, and we miss seeing our supporters, but we thank God for the harvest, and for His goodness, at an uncertain time.



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