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Getting An Early Start

Despite a snowy beginning to the week, with more snow forecast, and in spite of the stormy weather and waterlogged fields, in the glasshouses here at Caring For Life, we are trying to get an early start with preparations for spring and summer!

Growing bedding plants, vegetable plants and shrubs for sale means that pricking out of plug plants and tiny grown-on seedlings, as well as the potting up of young shrubs, all has to take place at this time of the year.

It makes the horticulture project a hive of activity, in a light-filled,  warm and safe environment, whatever the weather outside.

This enables lots of opportunities for those on the horticulture project to learn skills. Everyone also learns to work well as a team, whilst enjoying plenty of laughter, down amongst the geraniums, peppers and aubergines, to name only a few of the plants they are now growing!


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