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Help with the washing up

When you have a lot of people round for a meal, there can be a lot of washing up. So when you are serving lunch to 65+ people every weekday, hungry folks who have been busy on therapeutic activity projects at Crag House Farm, there really is a mountain of washing up!

This is the situation in the Centre at Caring For Life every weekday, and they serve breakfast as well. So a good industrial dishwasher is a must! This not only relieves the burden of work, but also ensures that crockery and cutlery are properly cleaned and sanitised.

Thanks to the generosity of grant makers, just before Christmas, a beautiful “all singing - all dancing” dishwasher was installed in our Centre kitchen.

The team on Catering Academy are getting to grips with how the new model works and we really are grateful for this amazing gift of help with the washing up! 



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