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‘Grateful for our everyday’

Many of the displays and work in the Art room had been up since March 2020, when everything effectively froze in time!! So it’s been great to (finally !) take down ‘Spring Watch 2020’ (which will now be saved in preparation for 2022!) and begin to display some new art work & ideas that people have recently been working on. This includes beautiful paintings that one lady worked on in lockdown (she created 65 incredible art pieces during that time!)

Plus an intricately stitched ‘CFL’ piece that a visually impaired lady has made over the past few weeks, relying on her incredible sense of touch to stitch tiny stitches and add sequin details.

We have also created a large photo montage of people who are now back in the Art Room, alongside their beautiful creations. The collaged quote ‘Grateful for our Everyday’ is the centrepiece of this board- a really appropriate sentiment as we all gradually settle back into ‘everyday’ activities that perhaps now feel extra special.

The next step is to look forward and plan Christmassy activities and discuss personal goals that people would like to achieve- some wonderful ideas have been shared already. The ‘Autumn 2021’ version of the Art Room feels like an exciting place to be and we really are very grateful for our everyday.



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