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Into a New Year

Shortly before Christmas, lots of those who attend the daytime projects at Caring For Life gathered in what was a very full Centre for the annual party, with plenty of laughter and general silliness! It’s always a lovely time to celebrate and to wish one another  a Happy Christmas. Great efforts were made in the lead up to Christmas, to ensure that everyone supported by Caring For Life was provided for at Christmas, and had the chance to attend at least one meal, party or special event. 

Once the Christmas celebrations are over, many folks can feel quite low, and a New Year “looming” can be quite a frightening thing for some of the men and women supported by Caring For Life. Listening to Big Ben strike midnight and the turn of a New Year can make any of us stop and wonder what the coming year will bring.

But if you are surviving on a very low income, you are about to lose your home through no fault of your own, you feel down all the time, you are facing treatment for a serious illness, or your home situation just isn’t safe; then, along with all that, you have no one “in your corner”, the turning of the year can be a stomach-churning moment.

We are so thankful that, shortly before Christmas, we were able to move two people into safe, new homes, and we were able to take a new resident into one of our supported homes, just in time for Christmas. All those we support at Caring For Life know that we care and that we will be there for them, and that means the world. 

Yet, as we move into a new year, none of us knows what will happen during the next twelve months. As a Christian charity, our hope and trust is in Christ and we pray that, during the coming year, many more people will find safety, a refuge and hope for the future in Christ alone.


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