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“It’s so beautiful here!”

This was the comment of one person we support who was able to visit Crag house Farm, the home of Caring For Life, recently. Having been unable to attend projects here for four months, and living without a garden, just to visit the Farm, meet up with staff and then sit and have a coffee in a garden area was very special. He said how hard it was not having a garden, or anywhere nice to walk locally. It made walking around the Farm and sitting out in the sunshine, listening to the birds, an absolute treat. 

We are seeking to enable many more of those who would normally attend therapeutic projects at the Farm to make a visit, walk round with a staff member, and enjoy being back at the Farm. Just setting foot on a place which holds happy memories is really important.  It’s also valuable to enable people to leave their homes and gain confidence in visiting a familiar place. For those who have been alone during lockdown, such visits are crucial. 

The Farm itself is extremely quiet compared to its usual bustle, but it’s really important for people to know that it is still here, the horses are still being cared for, the livestock are in the fields and some things have not changed! This in itself can be very reassuring.


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