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Keep moving through lockdown!

Something we all probably need in our lives here in Lockdown is to move our bodies more and thankfully, we’ve been able to do just that in our Fitness Classes via Zoom! While Joe Wicks said he was a tad too busy to run our classes, our faithful Fitness Instructor Ian has saved the day by creating a Zoom Workout for us each week.

Ian is a qualified Fitness Instructor, who led the classes before lockdown doing circuit workouts with weights and many stretching exercises. He continues to lead us each week through lots of squats, arm raises, lunges, bicep curls, shoulder presses, and keeping our heart rate up, which always leaves us tired and feeling that bit stronger.

We meet every Tuesday, and everyone has been great at showing up most every week, excited for a chat and catch up before we jump into moving for the next 50 minutes. We tend to have a minimum of three people attend, with a full house of 6, and even at times Ian’s dog Frankie, who likes to be on screen to show his support. People have really taken to the classes and even purchased some weights for themselves (something we hope we can provide for them in the future).

Our Zoom Fitness Sessions have been an adequate substitute for the real thing, but it is clear that everyone cannot wait to be back on the Farm, in person, listening to Ian’s Old Classic Rock Music and lifting weights, sweating and laughing together.



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