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Keeping Busy!

The build up to Christmas is a very busy time of year for the Being There Team. Alongside all the usual housing, health and welfare issues that we have in a normal week, we have the joy of preparing for Christmas.

First comes the request to churches and other organisations for money or vouchers to help us get started buying presents. Other groups drop off small gifts such as toiletry sets and Christmas socks and sweets.

Then the buying of special gifts begins, each one especially chosen with the individual in mind. Then the huge list is broken down into shops and ordered and purchased. How exciting when all the parcels start arriving at the farm!!

Each gift is paired with two smaller gifts so that each person gets a little goody bag of presents. Then comes the big wrap with rolls of paper and Christmas bags filling the office.

We are also busy organising our events. First comes our children’s party at a local soft play venue. The children will be accompanied by a parent and each family will have their support worker from Caring For Life with them. As well as tiring them out in the play area we have organised tea for the children and drinks and treats for the parents. Afterwards we’ll be sharing the Christmas story, and no party would be complete without a visit from Santa, with a sack of gifts for everyone.

Next we’ll be inviting lots of folk to our 2 Christmas lunches, one in the week leading up to the big day and one on the 25th Dec. There is lots of planning, ordering of turkeys, invitations to send out, crackers to buy, and gifts to sort for under the tree for each of these events. There is also the matter of getting everyone here to the farm, so another plan is being worked out as to who will bring who according to where they live.

Lastly we start to sort and pack 110 Christmas food hampers to go out to those most in need. We start with some basics and top off each bag with some lovely treats, including chocolates, biscuits and sweets donated by our lovely supporters.

In all our events and giving of gifts we look for opportunities to share Jesus’ love with our beneficiaries. We can’t always change their circumstances but we hope we can bring a little light and joy around Christmas time and hopefully help them to make new and happy memories.



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