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Keeping Safe!

Carl our Health and Safety Pastoral Support Worker takes us behind the scenes of what his job entails:

I’ve been in my current role at CFL for a few years now and as you can imagine it is a very varied job involving all areas of the farm. It’s great because it involves regular interaction with all the projects and staff on the farm in order to make sure all the folks we support and everyone who visits our site each day are kept safe and well whilst here.

We do this by carrying out thorough risk assessments, making sure all of our equipment and resources are always safe to use. It is also about checking machinery and equipment is in safe working order at all times. Other tasks include servicing our fire extinguishers, fire alarms and electrical equipment.

We are so blessed to have this beautiful site and are delighted to be able to invite people here to enjoy the beauty of creation and to get stuck into one of our projects. As part of that we are always seeking to be able to improve the quality of our site and the care we provide including having the highest possible standards of health and safety. The important thing is that all of this goes on behind the scenes, ensuring a safe and happy place for all of our beneficiaries to be, away from the worries, situations and responsibilities they may be facing in their lives.

Here at CFL we are very thankful to the Lord and to all of you, our supporters, for the great privilege of welcoming precious people to the farm and seeking to take care of them in a way that reflects our Saviour’s love.




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