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News on the government road map to exiting from social restrictions has just been announced which helps us all to begin planning ahead and start to look forward to things that we've been unable to do for months. A sense of anticipation is a hugely positive influence on our general wellbeing, it's such blessing to have something to looking forward to!

Here at the farm we are very much looking forward to the beginning of lambing in mid-March, preparations are underway so that our expectant mothers are in the best condition for giving birth and we have the accommodation in place.

Unusually this year we are anticipating the birth of 2 sets of quads and a set of quins (5 lambs). It will be a very exciting, almost once in a lifetime event to witness and we look forward to sharing this with everyone.

Dealing with difficult past experiences and memories and helping those in our care to focus on the future is part and parcel of our pastoral support. Having something to anticipate and look forward to is often quite a challenge for many of those in our care who can often only focus on the here and now. Engaging with our farm projects (even in lock-down through electronic means) is very helpful in refocussing the mindset/outlook of our beneficiaries and especially when there's a very unusual event going to happen!

Looking forward, we all hope that these births of multiple lambs have a happy outcome, but more than that, we hope and pray that our beneficiaries develop a hopeful attitude to the future and we know that a personal faith in Jesus is key to this, because he is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Chris Cole


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