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Lovely Lazy Days

The days between Christmas and New Year can be a strange time for many of us, even under normal circumstances. The excitement of Christmas has started to die away and there can be uncertainty about what the New Year will bring – this year in particular.

Here at Tindall House (one of the supported living homes run by Caring For Life) we are very blessed to have a real family - seven gentlemen who love and care for one another making this a truly happy home. As you are reading this we will have already shared Christmas dinner together (with ALL the trimmings) and played more party games than you ever knew existed!!

At Tindall the days between Christmas and New Year are lovely days. Days to settle down and watch the football together (with a hot chocolate and cake of course!!), days to complete another 5d diamond painting (You don’t know what they are? – You’re missing out!), days to bake wonderful cakes (and eat them) and days to spend reading the Bible and praying together. These are precious times where relationships are developed, and strong, happy memories are formed, as we turn a bit lazy and chill out.

There are, of course, still days when the gentlemen and staff of Tindall House are tired and struggle. There is, one thing however, that they understand too. They have a God who is bigger and stronger than their tiredness and struggles and a God who is sovereign over all, so they can fully trust Him now and in 2021.


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