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Memorable Moments at the Farm

During this second lockdown, we have been able to invite a few of those we support to visit Crag House Farm in order to enjoy some exercise on a distanced walk round our sensory gardens, a public area. Being welcomed at reception and treated to a take-out coffee all makes for happy memories of time spent in a beautiful environment, back on the farm, and seeing a familiar face.

One lady who visited really enjoyed just sitting in silence in the sensory gardens with a member of Caring For Life’s staff team, and commented on how lovely it was to hear the birds singing.

Some have also visited the area where our new stables are being put up. They are now well on the way to completion, and look most impressive. We are deeply grateful to grants which have enabled the stables to be built and equipped. The stables are close to the arena and paddocks, making the whole site safe and accessible. The reaction of one staff member was, “Wow! They’re so big but they fit so nicely in the space!”

One young person who visited was intrigued by the new stables. It was a very special moment to see them, knowing that this lovely new facility would be there, waiting to be enjoyed, when project activities are able to reopen. In the meantime, we pray that happy memories of moments like this at the farm  will help to sustain isolated people through the lockdown.


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