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More Than Just Maintenance

This week we hear from Adam, our Maintenance Coordinator Pastoral Project Leader:

I have recently had my first anniversary at Caring For Life, what a joy and privilege it has been working alongside and sharing life with the precious beneficiaries that the Lord has entrusted into our care.

When I made the move from Church Pastor to Maintenance Coordinator I was immediately welcomed into this special family. I did have some worries about being able to adapt to this more practical role but soon found that everyone just worked together, using different skill sets and abilities with the sole purpose of bringing God the glory.

Although my work varies daily, from fixing leaking pipes to making wooden insect houses, carrying out the daily maintenance checks to clearing blocked drains, we always begin the day with a time of sharing and praying together. Be it for a member of staff, a beneficiary, a supporter or a volunteer, praying that in every situation throughout the working day we will be aware of where God is already at work in the lives of the individuals he brings our way.

Helping to maintain all that we have been entrusted with, whether that’s the special place to come to each day here at the farm, or supporting our beneficiaries in their various homes, we are given opportunities in very practical ways to share the love of Jesus by helping to make things better for people.

Where people are struggling, or need a practical solution, or just some much needed help with everyday necessities, when we help, we show that we care.

Here at Caring For Life it is through building meaningful relationships and spending time with people who have had no one, nowhere and nothing, that God shines through and gives us opportunities to share Jesus with them.

I have come to realise that God has involved me in His saving work, not because He needs me but because He loves me…and that the relationship between God the Father and God the Son is reflected and realized in all of us, in and through the Holy Spirit, as we work to share His love in very ordinary, very practical ways, for His glory.


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