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New on the Farm

This time of the year is always much looked forward to by those who take part in the agriculture project here at Crag House Farm. The weather can be cold and also rough when there are storms, but there is always plenty of excitement over new arrivals.

The first Longhorn calf arrived very recently, with plenty more to follow in the coming days. Those on the project take enormous pride in letting people know about the number of calves that have been born, or the names being chosen for them. It forms quite a topic for conversation over lunchtime.

Some of those on the agriculture project are new to the farm themselves, having only started attending the project fairly recently. It will be the first time they have seen calving and watched how much care and attention goes into looking after each animal, then learning how they can play a part themselves. It gives everyone an extra reason to get up and come and get involved in the project.

It won’t be long before lambing starts, another incredibly busy time of year, but a tremendous opportunity for everyone on the project, newcomers or those who’ve been involved several years, to work together and provide the best care for each animal.


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