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Opening up a Closed Garden!

The sensory gardens at Crag House Farm are a delight all year round, changing with the seasons. Just recently they have been absolutely bursting with colour and bird song. On a sunny day, different scents can be picked up in different areas of the gardens, and it is a real delight. It makes it even more sad that the gardens are currently closed, with our beneficiaries unable to enjoy the gardens, as the daytime therapeutic projects cannot operate at this time. 

But there are ways to open up a closed garden! Design and Media staff have been taking film footage and photos, then making these available to send to all those supported by Caring For Life, via their smartphones or devices. For those without this technology, a DVD has been sent out. Lots of people have been able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the sensory gardens, even though we cannot send the scents! 

It can be a real encouragement for people who would normally work alongside Jake in the gardens, and to all those who are missing being at the Farm, just enjoying the outdoors and the countryside. For those who don’t have access to any safe outside space, let alone a garden, these films and photos are really important. 


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