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Playing A Crucial Part

Corporate volunteers from HSBC came along to Caring For Life this week to play a crucial part in the preparations for Christmas. Sorting countless tins of food might not sound or look very Christmassy, but this is one step in the process of giving over 100 people an incredibly special Christmas.

Kind churches, schools, individuals, Scout groups, children’s nurseries and other organisations which donate food at harvest time, make all this possible. Staff and volunteers undertake the initial, mammoth task of sorting food.

Our kind HSBC volunteers sorted tins this week, ready for Christmas hamper packing. Soon, other corporate volunteers will be making up the actual Christmas food hampers. Then our Being There housing support team swing into action and deliver hampers and gifts. 

Only those who deliver the hampers see the reaction on people’s faces as they receive this lovely gift, but many people have played an absolutely crucial part in enabling this to happen.

To everyone, we say a very big, special thank you!!



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