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Preparing and Planning

As we continue to work towards gradually reopening some of our therapeutic activity projects here at Crag House Farm, and as our Core Team of keyworkers is gradually expanded, with some staff returning, everywhere is a hive of activity! It has been extremely busy throughout lockdown, but things feel different with a few more staff present on the Farm.

Whether it is tidying, clearing, deep cleaning, general sanitising or decorating, there are lots of practical tasks to be undertaken. Buffy is busy with HR issues and helping staff get adjusted to COVID-related protocols. Cath is busy supporting the Core Team alongside Gayle and a new Reception area is being established, to ensure a safe area for people arriving, as and when we are able to welcome small groups back to project activities.

Preparation and planning has been underway for weeks, but it is good to see some of the practical tasks being undertaken and project areas which have been “dormant” for some months springing back into life!

As we prepare, we pray that we may be able to plan to welcome home some of our beneficiaries to project activities here in the not too distant future, and we pray for everyone’s safety. We are also thankful that we will be maintaining all the remote support, through calls and the programme of online activities, as an essential safety net for every person supported.



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