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Preparing for Supporters Day

Caring For Life loves Supporters Day! We are always so thrilled to welcome prayer supporters to Crag House Farm, to join us for a Thanksgiving Service and to enable supporters to look round all our projects. Last year we had a “new look” Supporters Day in July, with seminars and new opportunities to find out more about the ministry.

This year is a very  different type of “new look” Supporters Day.  Due to COVID-19, we are unable to welcome supporters to Crag House Farm, as it would be a pretty large gathering! Instead, we are thrilled to be able to stream a Thanksgiving Service at 11am on Saturday 11th July on our website.We hope that many supporters will log in to watch the service.

So we are busy preparing! There’s no pressure washing the yard, cleaning out the barn, setting out chairs, preparing refreshments, or any of the usual preparation. But plenty of work is going into this year’s Supporters Day. It’s certainly keeping our Design and Media team busy, as well as the Exec. 

Our prayer is that this will be a very blessed time together, albeit so different! 


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